Start up India Scheme of Government of India.

The government is providing various benefits to Startup Company & MSME Sector.

We help people to start Business under Start-up-India and Build & Protect their Brand, Business Idea, New Innovation Business Model ( TRADEMARK, COPYRIGHT ) and even provide them International Standard Organization Certificates (ISO), Government e-market (GEM) Registration.

Benefits of Startup India Scheme:

  1. Fast Track Startup Patent Application and with up to 80% rebate in filing patents
  2. 50% Subsidy in Trademark Application
  3. Relaxation on Early deposit money in Government Tender
  4. Relaxation on Eligibility criteria in Government Tender and Various other Public Procurement Norms.
  5. Tax Exemption for Three Years.
  6. Tax Exemption on Investment Above Fair Market Value.
  7. Self Certification under Labor and Environmental Laws.
  8. You can register for the GEM portal of government.
  9. Fund of Funds.
  10. Easy Winding Up of Company
  11. Startup India Recognition Certificate.
  12. Resource absolutely free such as getting access to Learning and Development Program, Government Schemes, State Polices for Startups and pro-bono services.


Thus, in order to boost job creation and entrepreneurship, the Government of India launched the Startup India Scheme. Under this scheme, the government intends to give a host of tax benefits, make compliance easy, fast-track IPR tracking, and offer another set of benefits. These benefits are offered so that entrepreneurs can focus on their core business and do not have any regulatory burden.

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