Virtual CTO / CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Advisory Services.

A CTO stands for Chief Technology Officer, and a virtual CTO is essentially that—but in an off-site capacity. Think of a virtual CTO like a technology advisor or consultant working remotely to tackle technology issues.

Turning to the services of CTO as a service, startups can get expert advice on the best technologies and architecture, professional management of the development and design team, operational coordination of tasks, as well as technical consultation.
As an experienced technology consulting company, we provide executive-level technology expertise and on-demand full-time resources for a wide range of technologies, through our Virtual CTO Services for established organizations and CTO as a service for startups.

CTO consulting is a unique offering where our experienced technology expert, specifically chosen for your business needs, works with you to ease and support IT initiatives, outline tech strategies, and manage technology infrastructure, tools, and teams. Under CTO as a service, the technology expert works with you as a consulting CTO as per your time zone, preferred communication channels, and in your office on-demand.

With our Virtual CTO services, you can access our specialized technology resource pool to support your projects on-demand basis. CTO as a service incurs no long-term contracts or hiring and infrastructure costs and allows complete ownership of code and intellectual rights.