Accounts and Audit and Taxation

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Outsource your Accounts, Taxation & Finance Dept

including all kinds of Statutary and Legal Compliances  to us.

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Our team will work at your office and carry out the assignment. We provide following services

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Accounting services    : We can handle entire Accounting Department on outsourced/assignment basis. Our Accountants will do regular accounting work at the Client’s Office. The work of our Accountants will be monitored, supervised and guided by a Chartered Accountant from Intellex.

MIS reports  : Preparing Monthly MIS reports every month and submitting the same before 15th of next month.

TDS Processing         : Deducting TDS as per the Income Tax Act, filing on-line Quarterly TDS returns and issuing TDS certificates.

VAT: Examining the applicability and implications of VAT to the client’s business, computation and facilitation of Payment of VAT and filing of VAT Returns..
Income Tax                : Preparing and filing tax returns and attending to tax hearing as and when required.
Profession Tax         : Deducting and paying appropriate Profession tax and its payment. Filing monthly Profession Tax returns.     
Companies Act and ROC Compliances as per the requirements of Companies Act.

Syndication of Debts, Loans, Private Equity and Venture Capital and Angel Investors / Seed Investors / Co-Founders , Joint Ventures and Partnerships etc