About Startup Streets

Startupstreets  is a boutique multi dimensional Startup Consulting firm promoted by like minded people who like to work independently and create an impact on society using their skills in start-up ecosystem in India. Our team is designed to help entrepreneurs, innovators, startups, and incubators launch new businesses, enter new markets, commercialize breakthrough ideas, or simply to think “bigger” about future opportunities.

Over 15 Years of  Experience

Startup Streets is Co-founded and promoted by Sudheendra Kumar!

Startup Streets is Co-founded and promoted by Sudheendra Kumar , Managing Partner of Sudheendra and Co LLP, a leading Chartered Accountant firm with pan India presence and Intellex Consulting (Visit www.intellexconsulting.com to know more about Intellex). Intellex is a ONE-STOP Consulting firm with offices/associates all over India, for consulting services in respect of Management and Strategy ,  Finance , Accounting & Taxation (Income Tax, GST etc)  Internal Audit and Risk Management,  and Manpower Recruitment and Placement, including Contract staffing etc. The promoters of our organizations come from diverse background such as from  IIT & IIM  Chartered Accountants, Company Secretary, Lawyers etc.

Our Story

Startup Streets also invests in startups on a selective basis along with other Angel Investors or Angel Networks at seed and start up stage. in other cases, we arrange finance through Seed Funds, Start-Up Funds and Venture Capital Funds.