Factoring, Domestic and Exports Bills Discounting in India.

It is a revolving  Unsecured Working Capital facility which will help in upfront realization of your future receivables.

This finance facility is over and above your Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF).

No requirement of No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your existing Banker for availing the limits.

Elligibility :
The firm should be a manufacturing one and our client should be an Indian Entity.

PAT of the company should be +ve for last two years.

Turnover of the company should be INR 500 Mn and above.

Minimum limit to be set INR 50 Mn.  Maximum Value for domestics – INR 170 Mn, for exports – INR 600 Mn.

Credit period to range between 30-120 days.

Commodities – We deal with everything except for Gems & Jewellery, Real Estate, Perishable food items.

For export factoring, we have a tieup with 80 major countries in the world except for sanctioned and OFAC countries. Also we don’t do African countries except for South Africa.

Prepayment % is 90% in export factoring and 80% in domestic factoring.

Interested parties may WhatsApp their details on 91-98200 88394

Team- Intellex Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd (India)

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