Benefits of Udyog Aadhaar are as follows:

Benefits of Udyog Aadhaar are as follows:-

  1. Helps to get Current Account in Banks
  2. Protection against delay in payment.
  3. Fast resolution of disputes
  4. Collateral Free loans from bank
  5. Exclusive consideration for participating in international trade fair
  6. Waiver of Stamp duty and Registration fees
  7. Several Exemption under Direct Tax Laws
  8. Barcode registration subsidy
  9. Subsidy on NSIC Performance and Credit ratings
  10. Counter Guarantee from GoI through CGSTI
  11. Reduced rate of interest from banks
  12. 15% subsidy under CLCSS scheme for technology upgradation
  13. Exemptions while applying for Government tenders
  14. Concession in Electricity Bills
  15. Reimbursement of payment made for obtaining ISO certification
  16. 1% exemption in interest on OD
  17. Increasing eligible loan limit for optimal reasons, from the amount of Rs. 25 lakh to Rs. 50 lakh
  18. Raising the extent of guarantee cover from 75 % to 80 %
  19. Reservation of products for exclusive manufacturing by MSME/SSI
  20. Easier registration and approvals to obtain Licenses
  21. Eligible for IPS subsidy
  22. Preference in allocation of Government tenders
  23. Excise Exemption Scheme
  24. Reduced rate of interest from banks
  25. 50% subsidy for patent registration

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