Secured and Unsecured Funds for MSMEs and SMEs Upto INR 50 Crores

Dear associates, we have started sourcing funding proposals for the clients who need funds before 31st March.

Proposals we received till 15th Feb., can be closed before 31st March. Post 15th feb, there will be a low chance to get funds before march end.


◆ Enduse- Working Capital, Machinery Purchase, Commercial property purchase, construction of factory building/ shed/ warehouse, new manufacturing project finance etc.
◆ Minimum Turnover- INRB2 Crores
◆ LTV- Upto 200%
◆ Unsecured without collateral can be arranged up to 5 Cr.
◆ Deviations in CIBIL and financial eligibility can be considered in genuine cases with convincing reasons for low CIBIL score.
◆ CIBIL Score- 650+ for secured. 700+ for unsecured.
◆ Source- Nationalized Banks, Private Banks, NBFC, FINTECHS
◆ Locations- Across India

Please Call / WhatsApp on 91-98200-04701 for further information and discussion.

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