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Looking for raising capital opportunities for your startup ? We made it easy for you!

We help businesses in getting funded from a huge global network of more than 50,000 angel investors and with VCs organized according to industrial and geographical interests. We help you find and connect your business with angel investors and Venture Capitals worldwide. Whether you are looking to raise $1M or $100M we help you find investors and VCs that are interested in investing in your project and we facilitate the introduction. We also help you pitch to other Venture capital firms, accelerators and incubators that will help you fund your startups.

It doesn’t matter how much money you need to raise for your startup, we will help you fund your startup and raise money in small amounts or on larger scales.

We facilitate introductions to angel investors and VCs. We also advise startups on how to pitch to angel investors, Venture capital firms, accelerators and incubators which will help you in raising funds for your startup more successfully.

We review the necessary documents (Pitch deck, business plan and financial forecast). We make recommendations and/or improvements. Our team will help you in preparing a professional pitch deck, business plan, and other raising capital documents.

We also recommend and advise on the valuation of your company and how to prepare the right plan to fund your startup successfully. We offer experts’ feedback when it comes to equity dilution, startup evaluation, and issuing shares.

Through our Raise Capital Program, you will be able to find and connect with angel investors and many other funding sources (get a grant, get a loan, get funded by a VC, and others) and then pitch with the right materials to a curated segment of angel investors and other funding sources. We will advise you on the right steps and recommendations of how to fund your startup and raise the capital and the money needed for starting your business or growing and scaling it. We will also work on introducing you to the right angel investors, government funds, grants, business loans (whether they are banks or other financial institutions), accelerators/incubators, crowdfunding platforms and different Venture Capital companies.

How will we help you fund your startup more successfully?
Pitching to 50,000 Angel Investors, Thousands of Venture Capitals, and Different Funding Sources. Our program covers almost all possible sources of raising capital by including many funding opportunities and provides you with solutions on how to overcome raising money challenges to help you get funding for your business.

We also help you fund your startup and raise money online through advising you on how to build a successful crowdfunding campaign to help you increase your chance of getting funded through crowdfunding platforms.

We are an online incubator and we have very good contacts with many partners, Venture capitalists, angel investors, government funds, NGOs, and other accelerators/incubators that can help in funding your startup and raising capital.

Increase your Chances of Getting Funded for your startup: We don’t just introduce you to investors but we first make sure that your current presentation is good enough and will get you the result you need. Otherwise, all of your efforts will go in vain as the angel investor, government fund or financial institution might get the wrong idea about the business and decide not to invest as a result.

The review team includes some of the most professional business plan, pitch deck, financial forecast consultants who have experience in this domain and some of the top angel investors who have spent 15 years already investing in different startups. The team will provide you with investors’ feedback and work with you on implementing improvements. We grade the documents and assess the likelihood of success. We also estimate the number of angel investors that you have to approach to be able to fund your startup and raise the capital.

Raising Capital Plan : We will give our recommendation about the amount of money to be raised and how it should be invested, and on the best and most effective ways to find investors in your specific industry and stage. We would advise on the amount of equity you have to give and the money to be raised. This is usually a difficult decision especially for startups in early stages of investment.

Benefits of raising Capital through us.:

The Right Approach to Funding your startup : You need to know where you stand and what you need. Many entrepreneurs fail because their plans are unrealistic. Deciding to raise too much or too little money from an early stage is one of the mistakes that can lead to failure in funding their startup and raising capital. We advise you and offer a new perspective on what approach to adopt.

Valuating your Startup : Many entrepreneurs fail to value their business accurately. They might tend to overvalue it (considering the work time and effort they have given) or undervalue it (considering the difficulties they face in raising the capital). We give an objective assessment of your startup and how much its valuation is.

Funding through Angel Investors : FasterCapital has a strong network of more than 50,000 angel investors (some are listed here). We will help you to find and connect with as many angel investors as possible. Our investors network includes angel investors from different countries who are interested in investing in different industries (FinTech, EdTech, B2B, B2C AI, and others).

We can also work with different stages, we have investors who are interested in early-stage, MVP stage, seed stage, series A stage and beyond.

Getting funded by VCs:  We will work with you on approaching Venture Capital firms and getting funded for your startup successfully. FasterCapital has established many partnerships with many VCs worldwide.

Crowdfunding your startup : We will help you in creating improving and promoting your crowdfunding campaign through our network of angel investors and partners.

Improve your Pitch Deck, Business Plan, and Financial Forecasts, : We help you first prepare the right documents. Without the right documents you have almost zero chance of funding your startup and raising the capital. Even if your idea is attractive and you have already passed the MVP stage, your chances of convincing an angel investor or getting funded by a Venture capital will be very low. You might be wasting weeks or even months without any results missing many opportunities.

Find solutions for Fundraising Challenges :  Many entrepreneurs spend six months to one year to fund their startup and raise capital. To get investors’ attention you will be competing with a lot of professional and serial entrepreneurs which requires a good level of professionality and quality on your part too.
In order to reach quicker results in raising capital, we make sure that your documents are well prepared, you have a clear vision and you can find and connect with investors quickly and effectively. We have a very big network of investors that are classified according to their interests in industries and countries. We will be selecting only those who could be interested, send them the details about your startup and introduce you to them.

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