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🌴 Steps to check the ITR filing status for the purpose of Section 206AB and 206CCA

🍉 Step: 1 Go to Reporting Portal at URL

🍓 Step: 2 On the left sidebar of the Reporting Portal homepage, click on Register button.

🥭 Step: 3 User is redirected to the e-filing login page. Or

🍍 Step: 4 Directly navigated to e-filing portal through

⛳ Step: 5 Log in to e-filing using e-filing login credential of TAN.

📍 Step: 6 Under “Pending Actions”, select “Reporting Portal”.

🪔 Step: 7 After being redirected to the Reporting portal, select New Registration option and click Continue.

🎋 Step: 8 On the next screen, select the Form type as Compliance Check (Tax Deductor & Collector). The Entity Category will be displayed based on the category in which TAN is registered at e-filing. Click Continue to navigate to entity details page.

🧘🏻‍♂️ Step: 9 Enter relevant entity details on entity details page and click on “Add Principal Officer” button to add Principal Officer.

🌱 Step: 10 Enter Principal Officer details on the Principal Officer Details page.

🌽 Step: 11 If more users such as Nodal Officer, Alternate Nodal Officer and other users are to be registered at this instance, adding the details of such users can be continued,
otherwise the same can be done after registration also.

🍹 Step: 12 Click on Preview button to view the entered entity and principal officer details.

🍎 Step: 13 Click on Submit button to submit the registration request.

🥝 Step: 14 Acknowledgement receipt of registration request is provided through portal and the same will also be shared through an email notification to the Principal Officer.

🍑 Step: 15 Once the registration request is approved by Income tax Department, email notification will be shared with the Principal Officer along with ITDREIN details and login credentials.

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