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Life is too short to work on different projects. Most of the times we feel that we can do so many things at a time. It seems so but actually it does not happen.

Anything you start, it will take at least 2-3 years to completely understand what you are doing if you dream something big.

If you think to open a tea stall, then in one day you will learn the job and start earning but your earning will be limited .

You will have to struggle a lot before your success comes to kiss you. AC machine gives you cool air inside but you cannot stand outside its fan. It is too hot there. You go at the speed of 100 in your car but your car engine becomes too hit to touch. You can experience it even in your bike.

So, have patience and work on a single project which you like very much. Success will be definitely yours. Changing from one to other will not help you.

That is why they are called monkey.

Think about it today.

Your life, your choice.

Wish you a lovely day.