✅ Updation Regarding Selection Of Core Business Activity For Every Registered Person On GST Portal:

The Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) has enabled the new feature to select Core Business Activity enabled on GST Portal.

♻️ Meaning Of Manufacturer
A manufacturer is a registered person produces new products from raw materials and components using tools, equipment’s and machines and then sells them to the consumers, wholesalers,distributors, retailers or to the other manufacturers. A manufacturer may sell
some more brought out items or may provide some ancillary services with his manufactured goods, but he would continue to be classified as manufacturer because it is the Primary Business Activity.

♻️ Meaning Of Trader
A trader is a registered person who engages in the buying and selling of goods. Traders have been further classified as – Wholesaler or Distributor

♻️ Meaning Of Retailer
Retailer includes a registered person selling goods through e-commerce operators.

♻️ Meaning Of Service Provider And Others
A service provider is a registered person who provides service to a recipient of service and is neither a manufacturer nor a trader. e.g. Banking service, IT service, works-contract service, agents, intermediaries, GTAs etc.

♻️ Others will include Work Contract and Other Miscellaneous Items.
If more than one business Activity then In case all activities are applicable to you, kindly select your core business activity then go to MY PROFILE > CORE BUSINESS ACTIVITY STATUS and
include all the category.

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  1. Registered charities are allowed to give tax receipts for donations they receive. People and businesses that donate and get these receipts can use them to reduce the income tax they owe to the governement. Governments therefore give up large amounts each year that they would have collected in taxes if charities were not issuing receipts. Governments have therefore made rules to ensure registered charities are collecting donations, issuing receipts and carrying out activities for purely charitable reasons.

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